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Welcome to Sharples Logging Ltd
Our Company has been providing harvesting and construction services in the Logging Industry since April 1996. During this time we have accumulated 10 years contracting as a Cable Grapple Swing-Yarder Harvesting Crew in Canterbury and Nelson for larger Production Forest Companies, and 6 years as a Ground-based Crew with Forest Management Ltd. We contract for the Canterbury area and outer region’s providing all services from production forest’s to private property woodlot’s.
Environmental Management Systems for water run-off and sediment containment on private land and woodlot’s is part of the Services offered with the purpose of containing naturally occurring erosion. Water containment includes construction of bridges and culverts over creek’s and waterway’s that may supply down-stream residential properties with the need to be traversed by heavy machinery and log truck’s, or simply for future domestic traffic.
Overflowing rainfall causing scouring and flooding is contained by providing sediment traps, cut-offs and culverts and water tables to minimize erosion and for future management of the land eliminating the need for separate entities to provide the same service. Reduced Skid-site landings on any forest or woodlot is key to avoiding excess engineering and expense incurred in the overall value recovery of harvesting woodlot’s.
Consideration for the environment and forest fauna is our key focus to leaving the land in a harmonious state for future projects. Value Recovery is provided by mechanical processing with a HTH624 Waratah Harvester, providing a day to day quality control and consistency to maximize graded cuts from any one tree. Using this system ensures the most benefit from operational performance and expectations for the Owner, Logging Contractor and Forest Company.
We hope this provides some background as to the capabilities of our Company and look forward to having an opportunity to discuss your harvesting needs.

Yours Sincerely
Dave Sharples - Director

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