Services We Offer

Sharples Logging Ltd is a small and mobile mechanical Operation with a variety of ground-based surface hauling machinery for varying gradient hillside and level woodlot’s. I have achieved Certificate’s of Proficiency in Forestry with University of Canterbury-School of Engineering in Forest Harvest Planning, Harvest System Evaluation and Forest Transportation Design. Harvesting Revenue is reflected in transportation cost’s to local or export markets, gradient typography and construction engineering necessary for log extraction.  
Tractor for professional tree service in Canterbury
  1. Pre-harvest Planning and Configuration.
  2. Timber Sales - Distribution and Roading Logistic’s.
  3. Forest Roading and Skid-site Construction.
  4. Quality Control – Harvesting, Environmental and Cut-over Waste.
  5. Value Recovery of Grades and Volume for Log Sales.
  6. Comprehensive Health & Safety Management System.
  7. Environmental Management - Earthmoving and land clearing.
  8. Tree felling, thinning, Shelter belt removal. Stump removal and Root-raking.
Tree service underway in Canterbury
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